As a former store owner, I know the importance of having the proper contracts and documents and what it can mean if you do not! I am offering in this bundle all the documents and contracts that I personally used as a brick and mortar store owner. 

My bundle includes these documents (this is not a full list):

  • Shop Policy
  • Booth Biz Essentials
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Price suggestion
  • Acceptable and Un-Acceptable inventory
  • Vendor Questionnaire
  • Pick up waiver
  • Layaway Agreement
  • Under-Performing notice
  • and more!

These contracts and documents were prepared and reviewed by my legal advisors and they are sufficient for you to get started! 

Do you feel that your contracts and documents are enough? 

Do you need to make some changes or update?

Grab my entire bundle today and gain access to them immediately! 

No waiting required!

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