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In this 5-Part Training, we cover:

  • The criteria the IRS is looking for to determine if this is a business or an expensive hobby, to make sure you never have pay penalties on previous years’ deductions or lose business status.
  • Why the time is NOW for you to incorporate out of sole proprietor status
  • The similarities and differences of an LLC v. S.Corp and how to know which one is right for YOU
  • How to avoid “Piercing the Corporate Veil” so that your personal assets are always protected.
  • The 10 Things you MUST have in place to prove you are running your business like a business.
  • 8 Conversations to Have with Your Accountant to Maximize this year's Deductions
  • What You Need to Know About The Schedule C, the Business Entity Tax, State Tax, and Estimated Quarterly Payments
  • What to know about Pass Through Taxation, Self Employment Tax and the “Pay As You Go” tax system.
  • The two channels of business insurance you MUST have
  • The 8 Specific Things to Look for in An Accountant
  • and so much more! 

Course curriculum

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    The 5 Steps!

    • Part I: IRS-Expensive Hobby or Real Business?

    • Part II: Incorporating, Taxes & Running Your Business Like a Business

    • Part III: Incorporating- LLC v. S. Corp

    • Part IV: Schedule C, Business Deductions & What to Look for in An Accountant

    • Part V: Maximizing Deductions and What You Should Know About Estimated Taxes

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