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What if there was an easier way to design, create and update your content creations, your branding and so much more?

Even if you have zero design or branding skills whatsoever? 

Seriously! You get hundreds of templates that you can use over and over again for a one-time low investment

When you know a few simple hacks and tips and a basic overview to creating graphics you can utilize templates like mine and you can bust out the designs and content fast.. and still make it look "gorgeous"! And the best part of all is you are saving time and money in the process!

So who is this template bundle for?

You're passionate about your services and products and want to be able to show them off the way they deserve to be.

Done making excuses about not being consistent with your brands quality and social media content.

Sick of hassling with the different size requirements for each social media platform.

Ready to no longer have branding shame and instead be excited to for your customers to find you and your beautiful feeds.

Who is this template bundle not for?

Deep down you don't want to put the work in to create a DIY brand

You are skeptical about creating systems for your business

You are impatient and would prefer to just spend the money to hire a designer.. which is totally cool too.

Inside my bundle I show you how to use the templates with several how to video's! 

I take you through to get you up and running! So you can really be creating graphics and so much more for your business in just a few minutes time!

You do not need the PRO Canva version. You can use all my templates with the free version! 

When you sign up you get instant access to the entire plethora of templates! Plus, I add to the templates new ones often so there will never be a moment you are lacking options!

One Time Investment

Yes I need this Canva Bundle!

Example of what you can create!

Take a Look Inside the Canva Bundle!

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    • 9/23/19 Fail Proof Pinterest Rich Pin Sized Templates

    • Blog Content/Ad/Sidebar

    • Blog Freebie Optin/Content

    • Podcast Art 1400x1400

    • Wordpress Post 1200x600

    • Youtube Thumbnails MAIN (added 12/19)

    • Blog/Youtube Thumb Post

    • YouTube Channel Cover

    • Blog 600x400

    • Blog 1080x1080 Square

    • Email 275x175

    • Email 365x274

    • Email 920x376

    • Email 600x124

    • Email 460x188

    • Pinterest Cover Boards

    • Pinterest Pins (added 12/19)

    • IG Highlight Cover

    • Quote IG Story/Quotes

    • IG Grid Planning Feed

    • Square Quotes/Graphics

    • FB/IG Square Posts

    • Twitter Cover

    • Linked In Cover

    • Facebook COVER

    • Brand Guide

    • Editorials/Articles

    • Contact/ThankYou/CTA

    • Worksheet/Checklist/Questions

    • Ultimate Workbook (added 12/19)

    • Resource Pages

    • CheatSheet/Checklist

    • About/Author

    • Table of Contents (added 12/19)

    • Cover Pages/Lead Pages

    • FB GROUP COVERS (added 12/19)

    • Facebook Event Covers (added 12/19)

    • FaceBook Group Post (Added 12/19)

    • E-book Template (could be a good lead gen to grow your email list too) (added 12/19)

    • Recipes (Added 12/19)

    • Contracts (Added 12/19)

    • Funnels Explained (Added 12/19)

    • Funnels Landing Page (Added 12/19)

    • Funnels Mock Ups (Added 12/19)

    • What a Funnel Page Looks Like (Added 12/19)

    • Podcasters 1 page (added 12/19)

    • Podcaster Stat Sheet (added 12/19)

    • Podcaster Sound Card Square (added 12/19)

    • Webinar Script (added 12/19)

    • Webinar Intro (added 12/19)

    • Webinar Story and Content (added 12/19)

    • Webinar Story Closing and Offers (added 12/19)

    • Social Media Kit (Added 12/20)

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