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    Inside my #HOBBYTOCEO Insider’s Club! Which by the way, is my private Coaching Community! Here are just a few things that you can expect (this is not the entire list) Business discoverability, branding, Social Media from A-Z, growing your audience and your list, strategies that work, the tech side, guest instructors, what’s working, and what isn't, guided tech support, plus I keep you up to date on what’s happening that isn't yet released, inside secrets and updates, new releases/features, how to use those features on your Profile, Business Page, or in your Groups. I also dive you deep into creating your own website, graphics, using my favorite apps, and so much more! My Topics Range from: – Networking – Graphic Design – Groups – Business Pages – Where to get started – Live Video – Recorded Video – Content – Time Management – Daily Habits & Routine The list goes on! My approach is very hands on and detailed! My goal is to coach business owners like you and help you move forward in your business. My coaching group differs from my courses, because in my courses we cover a different method of instruction and learning. In my coaching group it is implementation and learning. In a coaching group you are guided as long as you are a member, in my course you might take the 6 week course and you implement and there is no guided support after. This is why it is so important to plant yourself inside a good coaching community with a powerhouse coach like me! So, Are you ready to join in? Are you ready to partner up with a business coach who will listen, show up and deliver? Listen, then I am your girl!
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