• Members only VIDEO VAULT: You will get access to a vault of DIY’s that are for members only. (this vault will grow as the group does) As well as a special video vault of past DIY’s on my fb page, yes they are already public but the can be hard to find at times. (This list will be added to in my extra time)
  • DIY with ME! You will get at LEAST 2-3 live videos with me including supply lists where it permits (more if time allows me)! Either crafting, doing a larger diy, painting, building, learning new paint finishes or techniques, sharing helpful tips, decorating advice, having a hot seat session (that’s where a couple of you can come on video with me if you like) each week would vary and each month may have a special theme! (It’s gonna be a good time!)
  • Celebrity Crafters! You will get access to a guest celebrity crafter once a month, and occasionally the celebrity crafter may be one of our very own members! I know this has been requested from my followers! (could be one of your favorite crafters you follow)
  • FRESH CREATIVE IDEAS: I try to bring you never before seen DIY’s or I try to bring you a DIY that I have modified to be fresh and new! Plus, you get to see all the other members DIY’s and their versions to inspire you as well.
  • Questions Answered: You will have VIP access to getting your questions answered and get a more personalized experience! Ask your questions anytime on the specified thread in the group!
  • Supply Lists: You will get a supply list for special crafts and DIY’s each month, I try to post the supply lists the week ahead. (you are not mailed any supplies)! You are not required to craft along, or use what is listed on the supply list. I encourage you to think outside the box and I do offer substitutions.
  • Discounts: You will have access to discount codes when I am able to provide them to you.
  • Craft and/or DIY challenges! Occasionally we will do a challenge, (details will be posted with the challenge and the requirements) winner will get a gift card (of my choosing).
  • Member INPUT! I frequently ask the members to give input and recommendations. It is important that my members feel apart of the community and are able to make suggestions and vote in polls within the group.
  • COMMUNITY! You get to be apart of a community of people who will love you, encourage you and be there! (even if you need to just talk about LIFE, there is a thread for that) My mission is to be a resource for creatives to go to that is a safe place as well as creative!
  • Early Access: Creative Haven Members will occasionally get early inside access to special happenings, DIY’s filmed for youtube, tips and special chit chats!
  • REPLAY Access: Each DIY will be placed in the topics tab for replay as often as you like. (this is especially helpful for new members to gain access to past DIY’s)
  • ***This group is not going to teach any business support!

**Beta price has ended for founding members! They are locked in at the rate they joined with as long as they do not cancel.

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Every detail of your membership is emailed to you as well as in a private dashboard that you can log in to. 

The Creative Haven VIP is unlike any other group you may have been apart of whether it is a free group or a different paid group. I do not allow posts to clutter the discussion. In fact every post has a place. If you come to the group to post, you need to post to the proper thread. If you or another member posts to the discussion it will be removed and you will be asked to put it in the proper place. This ensures that each member comes to the group to take away what they have purchased access to. And scrolling thousands of random posts is not helpful to our members. The discussion feed will always feature the posts you have purchased access to.

Sample Monthly Calendar

– Each month you will get a full overview of the calendar and scheduled DIY times.

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– there is also a FULL detailed list that is always included as well.

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There are 2 membership options for you. Monthly members have access to everything the yearly members do. The only difference is you are billed monthly and if you cancel or your payment fails you will no longer have access each month or to previous months. 

Yearly members have access for one full year from the time they join, if you cancel you lose your access to the past year as well as the upcoming year.


Once you join, be sure to check your email, and then request to join the private facebook group and be sure you are logged in to facebook properly! (that is where we will all be hanging out)! You can not get access unless you have paid!

You will not be automatically added! You must check your email or members dashboard and follow all instructions, there is a video in your email explaining everything!

Be sure to request to join the group, you will not get an invite! Be sure to include the email you signed up with, as well as the name used when you purchased! (I know sometimes our Facebook names do not match)

If you do not answer the questions asked when you request to join, you will automatically be denied access!

NO pages are allowed to join the group, you must join as your personal profile!

You must agree to follow all group rules!

I am so excited and can not wait to see you inside the Creative Haven VIP community!

There are no credits or refunds.

It is each members resposability to show up for the scheduled times. Yes, there is a schedule, you will know ahead of time. Bonus content is extra and not scheduled. Arrive on the scheduled day a few minutes before in the group, refresh the feed until you see the live video appear. Do not rely on Facebook to tell you.

Once inside the group everything is organized and you must post and communicate in the proper threads. There is a welcome video explaining how the group is structured and organized to help you experience the group in the best way.

There is also a support tab if you need help with your account. Do not email me to ask how to cancel, it is all inside your welcome email, in the group as well as in your member dashboard.


Hey there! I’m Amber Strong! I am a creative nerd! I am a serious DIY’er, Maker, Painter and Decorator!

I am pretty innovative and I love to think outside the box! One thing I love is helping others get creative too!

You will find me on Facebook, Instagram and I do have a YOUTUBE Channel! I do FB LIVE video’s regularly where I share my love for DIY and Crafty things!

BUT, I often get asked a million questions such as:

  • Do you have supply lists for your DIY’s?
  • “Hey, I know your so busy but I didn’t know who else to ask, can you help me with something”

The questions come in at a record rate daily! So I thought it was time to give you a place to go to get top priority and a vip experience!

An affordable monthly creative haven group just for you!

Join us in the Creative Haven