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AUGUST 30th 2019! 

About the Retreat

Meet your leader! 

Meet your leader!

My name is Amber! I am a business coach and mentor. I come with 7 plus years experience as a business owner and 3 years as an educator and mentor. I help women (mostly) to grow an online business no matter the background or type of business you have.

I have helped hundreds of thousands through many areas of my services. Through 1 to 1 private coaching, my courses, my monthly membership and finally through my online presence and influence on my social pages and my podcast, and now a retreat!

I will be honest, my approach is honest, zero fluff, straight to the point, visual and descriptive. I challenge my tribe! One of my requirements is that you give me permission to speak into your life and business. 


So, Who Is This Retreat For?

  • Creative Business Owners
  • Bloggers and Influencers
  • Service Based Online business owners
  • MLM, Direct Sales, and Network Marketers
  • Brick and Mortar and Booth Business Owners
  • Non-Profits and basically business owners!

How will this retreat help you and what will you walk away with! 

You will walk away with a community of lifelong friends and mentors who wholeheartedly
believe in you and are cheering you on.

You will have clarity on how to move your business forward in a way that is full of success and balance.

You will feel energized, refreshed and motivated to dream big and apply everything that you
learned in your life and in your business.

You will have actionable tips, tools and resources to use in all aspects of your business
including marketing, sales, social media, finances, etc.

You will have the investment of the time you took to work intentionally on your business instead
of always working in your business. 

You will have already moved your business forward during our small group implementation sessions
where you can ask all of your questions and get one-on-one support. This is crucial for us business owners!

Using the information, encouragement and community from Break Through Retreat, you will go out to
build your successful business while staying devoted to your amazing family and your faith! I believe in keeping God first!

Women only - 1 ticket per person. A guest is not included in your ticket. 

My focus is a little different from the rest! Part of this breakthrough retreat is to help you do just that. Breakthrough! Part of the areas are in your life, as well as the business aspect. And We are going to uncover the things. It might get emotional, we all might be put in vulnerable positions to get that breakthrough. This is more than just business. This is your life too! Your business is apart of the life you live daily! The solopreneur life isnt easy sometimes but you are not alone!

No matter where you are in your business this retreat is happening to help you establish a huge breakthrough in your life as well! 

As the days unfold more details will be shared with you!

There are 2 payment plans for you! 

1 paid in full and 2- a 4 month payment plan.

So what can you expect:

One On One Attention and Mentorship.

What would it be like to spend 3 - 4 whole days with one of your mentors? 

Amber is not only hosting the Retreat, but Amber will be living in THE BIG HOUSE with you, yes, the good the bad the ugly! My husband Mark will be there from morning to night to assist with our guests, to take photos and to assist me. 

Part of this experience towards breakthrough is the behind the scenes, the new found friendships, conversations and the courage you show to do the big things. Plus, we get to experience this all together!

There will be more than just connections happening! There will be mastermind conversations, crying, laughing, strategizing, transparent exposure, raw truths, AH HA moments and the end goal is a new found breakthrough for your life and business.


We will provide all of the meals, appetizers, and desserts! 

Anything extra is on you! 

The housing arrangements:

  • Many Bedrooms but You will have a room mate 
  • You'll want to pack all of your own toiletries & clothes
  • We would recommend you bring your own notebook, cell phone, ipad, and computer. There will be a fun swag bag for each guest who attends as well.

The POTENTIAL Daily routine: 

7:30am Beach front Session- Join Amber on the beach for small group sessions of Q&A, Mastermind, and Conversations.

9:30am Breakfast- Breakfast will be served


1:00-3:00 Lunch will be served



6:30pm Dinner is served

Each night there will be open time to just do your thing. This is the time to just be you and create newfound connections and relationships.

This schedule and description of this breakthrough retreat is a rough draft, all the final details will be set in place. 

But this retreat is only open to a certain number of retreat guests. When tickets are sold out they are sold out!

There are no refunds, no credits or transfers. 


We are a match made in heaven if you currently have a business and are looking to learn strategies to continue to grow your business with a thriving tribe like you!

If you resonate with any of these statements below, you belong at Break Through Retreat:

I struggle to find friends who understand what I do as a creative business owner.

I want to learn how to run my business more effectively, so I can make more money and spend more time with my family!

I want to deeper discover my core purpose and use it with confidence in my business.

I want a learning experience that will give me business tools and wisdom AND help me implement it before I get home.

I struggle with work and family life balance. 3am bedtimes happen all too often. ( I feel you girl)

I want to figure out how to run a financially sound business.

I want to know how to communicate powerfully online with all the options out there.

I want to grow my online presence and discover a fresh perspective to help me overcome my insecurities and hurdles.

I want to uncover what i need to forecast in my business and in myself to evolve my business.

I am excited to connect deeper with other people just like me at this retreat!

I spend so many days in WORK clothes, a messy bun chasing my kiddos around or taking care of my clients, that the chance
to get away to refresh and renew,  with new friends is nothing short of a much needed break through!


You are undecided and not open to break through in discovering your thing! Friend, we don’t want you to join us and put up huge blocks! If you are brand new to business or no idea where to start you are welcome to join this retreat! After all it is called Break Through! But it is not for you who are not ready to DO! 

This retreat may also not be for you if you have physical limitations. The venue property is oceanfront, and beach front and includes many opportunities for walking and stairs across the property. We want you to feel at home and at ease in our experience and the last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed in moving from each area of the property.

As well, if you are very introverted and need lots of quality downtime alone, this may not your perfect retreat, as we will spend lots of time together in groups. You will also be paired with a new friend and roommate(s), so that is something important to keep in mind if your are not comfortable with new situations. There will be down time for you! You will have that time! But you will be challenged as well! 

You are looking for a business vacation. We will not allow you to show up and not participate! If you do so we will ask you to leave the retreat and the property and there are no refunds! This retreat is not for you to bring HOME drama with you! We understand you have a family and children and a business, however plan ahead to be able to participate in this retreat with minimal distractions! While Break Through Retreat inherently will leave you refreshed and inspired, our main goal is actively grow and further each of our businesses. If you're not serious about the workshop-style implementations and learning opportunities we offer, you will not see results from our experience. 

Sightseeing adventure! The retreat will take place in Gorgeous Hilton Head Island! You will have time at your own expense and your own planning to venture off if you decide but this is not a sightseeing retreat! If you want to book extra days while you are attending the retreat at a different venue or condo you may do so at your expense before or after the retreat!

If you think my Break Through Retreat is something you need in your life and business grab your ticket today! Deadline is August 30th 2019! You have 2 payment options to choose from below! 

Ticket Options

We know that everyone has a budget, so to accommodate each of you we have 2 pricing options. One Time Payment Price and Installment plan. Tickets are not refundable and not transferable. 1 Ticket Per Person.

Retreat Details

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Limited Tickets available. Once they are sold out they are sold out.

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    We will share more details for this retreat soon! In the mean time there are only 20 spots available. Lock in your spot. Once they are claimed we will close the cart.

  • Experience

    This retreat will be powerful and emotional. The full intention of this retreat is to come together and experience a breakthrough in your life and business.

  • Reach out to us!

    If you would like more information about this retreat feel free to reach out to us and we can talk with you to discover if it is a fit for you.